Masterstudiengang Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology (TUM)

The RESET Master’s program offers a practice-oriented graduate education for students interested in both the technical and social aspects of responsibility in today’s highly technologized societies.

Responsibility has become a key concern in current discussions around governance, economic growth, sustainable development and social progress. In an environment of increasing economic and political uncertainty, RESET takes serious challenges such as:

How can we anticipate and govern the social, ethical or environmental impacts of scientific and technological change?

  • What is sustainable, reflexive or democratic innovation?
  • Which inter- or transdisciplinary forms of knowledge production enable responsibility?
  • How do notions of responsibility differ across regulatory, cultural and policy contexts?
  • How should expert knowledge and technical possibilities shape democracies, markets and societies?
  • Conversely, how can we democratize expertise and technology development?

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TUM: Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology